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10 Jan 2018

Common IT job search frustrations

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Looking for a new job is rough. Whether you're out of work desperately looking for employment or slogging through the day going nowhere with your career, finding something new can be incredibly difficult. What's more, IT professionals are finding that the ever-changing job market landscape is forcing them to work harder in order to keep up. 

While finding the perfect job may never be easy, there are a few common issues that you can avoid if you know about them. So, what are the biggest obstacles in the way of IT pros and what can they do to overcome them? 

Not using social media

When it comes to finding a job, most people instantly jump into applying on websites like Monster and Indeed. While relying on these platforms is certainly a good idea, one aspect many IT professionals miss is the fact that everything runs on social media now. 

The importance of this is twofold: First, many companies are shifting away from solely using services like Monster to find a qualified employee. In fact, an infographic posted by The Muse stated that 92 percent of organizations are relying on social media to recruit new employees.  While this number includes services like LinkedIn, this statement also included platforms like Facebook and Twitter. What's more, considering the fact that a LinkedIn study found that 44 percent of quality hires were found using social networks, it's clear that recruiters see social media as a solid means of discovering talent. 

Recruiters see social media as a vital tool.

Second, social media is a great way to build your brand online as an IT professional. In the past, the only real way an employer could find out about a prospective employee would be to read her resume and contact her references. These days, a simple tour a person's social media page can tell you more than any resume ever could.

Therefore, it's your job to put on the best public face possible when applying for jobs. This obviously means avoiding posts about obscene or controversial material, but it also should prompt you to discuss topics of interest within your field. Something as simple as reposting an article about a subject within you industry can show a company you have a personal interest in their open position. 

Being underqualified

"The best way to improve yourself is to understand where your faults lie."

It's hard to admit you're not the most qualified person in the world, but the best way to improve yourself is to understand where your faults lie. If you've seen constant rejection due to a lack of skills, or if you're not getting bites on a specific job, it might be time to increase your value. 

Going back to school often isn't an option for people already working on their careers, but receiving an IT certification is another choice that can educate you without the time commitment of another degree. What's more, a certification is tangible proof to an employer that you're ready for the opening they have. 

Of course, which certification you receive will depend on you industry. But if you're looking to improve your knowledge, now is the time to contact New Horizons. With a plethora of IT certification courses, New Horizons can help you build a career you're proud of.


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