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August 4, 2019



24 Hours


Can you recall the last time you made an important decision in your life? What did you take into consideration? Every decision made has a consequence, and it could be just one figure, one cell value or one number thatdramatically impacts that decision. Data Analytics has established its importance in every industry and its use has grown exponentially over the past years. Managerial and even strategic decisions are now expected to be driven by data. But how to make sense of all these figures and use statistical and optimization methods to reach a clear conclusion?  Business Analytics Fundamentals course would help you navigate through data just as efficiently as Business Analysts do.

Would you like to stand out from your colleagues by applying progressive data-driven analytics to your daily tasks? Then this highly interactive and engaging course is definitely for you! Take part in this Business Analytics Program from Babson and bring yourself closer to your dream job that is already highly demanded in the market.

This course is delivered using an innovative and highly effective model of blended learning. Apart from the highly saturated and rigorous content available online at your convenience, in-class sessions led by professional facilitators will take place every other week to ensure your progress and ultimate success in this course. These meetings will provide you with an opportunity to organize and structure your knowledge, network with your peers and thought leaders and apply the course material to real-world situations. Moreover, you will be in close contact with your personal Student Success Advisor who will help you achieve all the important milestones during this course. Our locally developed Learner Journey is centered around ensuring your success in this course as well as your professional development.

 What you will Learn

  • Basic data types, sampling methods, surveys, and data visualization
  • Popular descriptive statistics and basic probability concepts
  • Inferential statistics such as confidence intervals and hypothesis testing
  • Basic Excel modeling building for revenue,cost, and profit
  • How to apply fundamental analytics to common business decisions

Earned Certifications

This course is part of the Business Analytics Program by Babson College that consists of 2 courses. Upon successful completion of this course, you will earn:

  • Business Analytics Fundamentals Course edX Certificate
  • Pearson Professional Course Badge

With Pearson Professional, you will be able to acquire certifications on individual courses upon successful completion of their respective requirements. Want to complete the whole program? No problem. Just keep stacking the program courses, successfully completing one and the following, and have them add up to a Program level certification.

Job Outlook

  • Career prospects include business analyst, business intelligence analyst, business development manager, market research analyst, marketing intelligence analyst, digital marketing manager, chief operating officer, strategist, and chief marketing officer. We also expect successful learners to gravitate toward start-up organizations.

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